Formally T & P Productions, Perry Siddons Productions is the production company that co-produces Brotherly Love and Good Old Religion with Get off my Lawn Films.

Perry Siddons Productions

Founded by Dan Hughes & Perry Siddons
Owner Super Awesome Entertainment
Founding Date 2007
Former Names T & P Productions (2007-December 8, 2011)
Sister Company Get off my Lawn Films


History as T & P ProductionsEdit

Joel Peterson was at the Siddons' house to work on a science project. They were all done. They were so bored that Perry suggested they make a video. That's where The Curse of the Loombearg was created. But T & P Productions was already a thing when Ted & Perry were doing skits and other things before The Curse of the Loombearg.

In December 2011 when Ted & Perry were going to start filming their new show "Canada's Worst Shoveller", Ted was in such a grumpy mood and Perry was very mad at him. Perry was getting very irritated that Ted was always grumpy about making videos so the next morning Perry fired Ted from T & P Productions and became Perry Siddons Productions.

History as Perry Siddons ProductionsEdit

Perry started officially as Perry Siddons Productions on December 8, 2011 with the video "Ted is Fired!!!!". On February 2, 2012, the first episode of Brotherly Love premiered without Ted in it and it was the fourth episode of Brotherly Love.

Ted has only appeared in vlogs and might appear at the end of Brotherly Love season 2.

On July 21, 2012, Perry Siddons Productions announced on their website that Super Awesome Entertainment acquired the company (and the now former divisions Get off my Lawn Films, and Patches Studios).

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