Perry Siddons

Perry Siddons
Born May 29, 1998
Nationality Canadian
Other Names thedrsiddons
Years Active 2010-present
Known for T & P Productions, Perry Siddons Productions, The Perry Siddons Show
Website (personal Youtube channel)

Perry Siddons is the executive producer/director/writer/lead actor in Brotherly Love. He plays Perry Michelson and has written and directed all of the episodes of Brotherly Love.

He is the creator, executive producer, director, writer in the upcoming series from Perry Siddons Productions, Good Old Religion. He will be playing very many characters in this show.

He is best known for T & P Productions, Perry Siddons Productions, and The Perry Siddons Show.

Perry plays most of the characters in Brotherly Love except Grandpa Michelson, Jack Michelson, and Ted Stevenson.

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