Get off my Lawn Films is the production company that co-produces Brotherly Love and Good Old Religion with Perry Siddons Productions.

Founded by Perry Siddons
Owner Super Awesome Entertainment
Founded April 14, 2011
Sister Company Perry Siddons Productions

Get off my Lawn Films History Edit

Get off my Lawn Films was formed by Perry Siddons on April 14, 2011 as a totally separate company from T & P Productions and was on his personal channel TheDrSiddons and the GetoffmyLawnFilms channel. Get off my Lawn Films produced his personal vlogs, personal sketches, and The Perry Siddons Show that were on his personal channel and the Lawn channel.

When T & P Productions became Perry Siddons Productions, Get off my Lawn Films became a division of Perry Siddons Productions.

In Summer 2012, Super Awesome Entertainment acquired Perry Siddons Productions and along with that acquisition came Get off my Lawn Films (and Patches Studios).

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